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1) If customer get 500- internal server error

Please make the detailed error OFF and ON, If this does change the error, let a client follow on this and take actions, if this does not change the error Please submit a ticket for customer

2) Do you support tomcat or glassfish or websphere or jboss?

Yeah, we support it in our VPS plans

3) I want to ask if you provide SQL server replication with your service? because I have two databases one on my local server and second in your server and I need to synchronize data between them

It is not supported in Shared hosting plan but in VPS plan you can configure it from your side.

4) What about Postgresql 10 database server?

Yeah, It is supported in linux plans.

5) Is it possible to deploy .Net Web Api core and Postgresql in Linux server?

Sorry, it is not possible. For .net web API core Shared hosting plans and for PostgreSQL Linux servers.

6) I want to connect to my database using MySQL, what are the IP address and port?

Ping the database server name(Please ask the client to ping, we only provide database server name) port number:: 3306.

7) how to fix a 72PHP cgi crash?

Go to control panel > websites > site > manage websites > site type and select other php version(Please select 7.0 or 5.6)

8) how to fix temporary URL redirection to smarter mail?

Please recreate the website from hosting Settings > recreate button. it will change the site URL and will work, If this does not change the URL, need to send in ticket

9) If a client faces 404 on a PHP site?

First please set default doc from the control panel, If still facing the same issue Please check .htaccess inside site’s folder and if a client has set any redirection or re-write rule please ask them to correct .htaccess or consult a good programmer to correct.

10) If a client want to send email using the db_email function?

we do not offer db email function on shared hosting plan, we can sugget VPS or SMTP script in SMTP script.

11 ) If a client asks about a control panel or Cpanel supports mobile view?

Yes, we have a mobile view.

12 ) Which firewall is placed on our server?

We have a webknight firewall.

13) Do you host Directus cms?

It requires a Magento database, we do not support it inside shared hosting, so it is only possible to host in a VPS plan.

14) If a customer asks for ip deny in Linux cPanel?

Please refer –

15)Cloud server includes…

remote access , remote desktop, FTP , paid SSL only

16) can I activate .env via the host panel?

Please go to the control panel > advance > mime type.
Please refer,
(If they are not able to set a mime type, open a ticket to our ticket staff)

17) I forgot the email id/username of this a/c

Please go to, describe your issue, they will help you to get your account.

18) are you able to a generate a DMARC record for the domain please and also replace the rDNS please

Please open a ticket for them.

19) If anyone asks for email backup?

We secure the daily backup of emails, if you want us to restore, please raise a new ticket from your account > helpdesk > create a new ticket.

20) I want to take a backup of my emails at my local, how can I do that?

Please configure outlook and please download your emails at your local

Please refer ::

21) to send an email to Gmail with no fear of getting it in the Gmail spam?

To avoid your sent mail into Gmail please follow the guidelines given here,

You have to make sure that you are strictly following this guideline to avoid further spam in Gmail.

22) Do you have SSIS and SSAS add ons?

I’m not aware of this service. Please fill the form given in a link and ask your queries related to this. They will reply to you within 30 minutes.

22) do you support SQL mirroring?

Sorry we do not offer SQL mirroring in shared hosting plans, please consider VPS Service for this

23) My website shows blank page – WordPress website

The issue is called white screen of death, you need to follow mentioned steps or need a programmer to do

24) If wordpress arabic url is not working.

Please refer,

25) Facebook bot site supported?

the Facebook bot sites are not permitted due to server performance and phishing concerns. You may consider using our VPS, which has no such limit.

26) Do you support Gzip?

Yes, SmarterASP.NET supports GZIP compression services. It’s already installed on the servers.

27) Which version of linux is used in the linux plan?

We provide Linux centos in our linux pro plan.

28) windows server


29) IIS version

we have IIS 8.X and 10>X

30)SQL Version

upto 2019

31) Can the platform support developed CMS systems?

Yeah, it is supported in our plans.

32) concurrent connection limit

There is no limit on a concurrent connection. It depends on the application pool. The application pool is bigger and will be a concurrent connection. A big application pool is placed on a premium plan in shared hosting. If you want bigger than the premium plan you can go for a semi-dedicated plan.

33) PHP mail() function?

Sorry, We do not support php mail() function.

34) Do we allow email forwarding for outgoing emails?

Sorry, we do not allow email forwarding for outgoing emails, you can use CC and BCC for your task

35) How much Email space is available on VPS plans?

In VPS/cloud server plan we offer free Email service with additional email space of 1 GB which can be managed from your control panel.

36) After how many days hosting plan gets auto cleaned from the server?

Plan gets auto cleaned by our system within 60 days after the expiry date.

37) What is Application pool size in the reseller plan?

The application pool size of the following plans are given below, Reseller 100-128 MB, in Reseller 200- 256 MB, In Reseller 300-512 MB, In Reseller 400- 768 MB.

38) is Blazer supported?

Yeah, we support that in our hosting plans. (Ref. Ticket no. 1328778)

39) in the free trial account subdomain can be created?

Yes, In free trial 1 subdomain can be created.

40) do smarter can host Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

Yes, it is supported in our hosting plan.

41) Do you guys have any option to use NoSQL Database and ASP.NET?

We offer an MS access database in shared hosting plans. If you want others, you can consider our VPS plans.

42) Does exe extension support shared/semi hosting plans?

Sorry, For that VPS plan is needed.

43) Can i deploy my web app using docker image?

Sorry, You need to consider our VPS plan for that.

44) Why Visitor STAT is not provided in my account?

Sorry, In the EU server it is not supported.

45) do you support websockets?

We support websocket default, you can use ws:// to request the resource.

46) how to connect SSH? What port and IP address should be entered?

you can get SSH key from Cpanel > SSH. Port:: 22 ip:: please provide them server ip.

47) My date format is changed on your server. How to resolve it?

Please refer this article and find your culture code from the link given in last in an article and place it as mentioned:


We use SmaterTools’s SmarterMail service and built-in Incoming Gateway Service for that, we keep them updated with their latest definitions, still, if the server is unable to identify the spam emails, please start marking them as Spam, after a few successful attempts server will add them in their definitions list and will start marking them spam.

49) Is laravel supported?

Yes, It is supported on our hosting plan.

50) Full text searching

Our MSSQL database support full text searching

51) No refund for domain name registration and Privacy Protection

Since domain registration and domain privacy protection are irreversible, so once the domain is registered successfully, and the privacy protection is purchased successfully, then there is no refund.

52) Soft Limit placed in a different plan…

we’ve placed a soft limit with all shared accounts, if someone reaches that limit, he has to create a new support ticket and the server technical team analyses the account against the TOS…

Following are the limit placed with each hosting plan,
(1) Basic plan- 5 GB
(2) Advance plan- 15 GB
(3) Premium plan- 20 GB
(4) All higher plan than premium plan- 20 GB

53) How to Run SQL FIle and Attach MDF in a database?

Those functions are not available on our server due to security improvement measures.

54) Is it possible to get SQL web?

It is possible only in the VPS and Cloud plan. You have to manage SQL web license from your end (You can contact a vendor and buy), our technical team will help you to install it.

55) How to reset Cloudflare login password?

You have to click on the Forgot password link from your Cloudflare Login page. You have to enter your Cloudflare login mail, That you will get from your Control panel > CDN > Cloudflare Login Info. After that mail sent by Cloudflare will be forwarded to your registered mail within an hour by our system.

56) How to create a subdomain while the main domain is not hosted with us?

You can create A record for your subdomain in your domain’s DNS from your domain registrar side. A record you will get from your account > control panel > website > get IP below your site. After that, you can map your subdomain directly to your site from your control panel > website > manage domain name

57) Getting blank pages after publishing a crystal report, What should I do now?

Please follow this article to resolve your issue,

58) Does visitor stat function is supported in a free trial plan?

Sorry, It is supported in our advance and higher plans hosted on the US server.

59) May I know the security level in VPS?

We offer a builtin windows firewall and built-in defender with VPS.

If you want more preventive measures then you can set up third-party antivirus in your VPS since you have desktop access with admin rights.

60) what is the maximum size allowed for a single database in reseller hosting ?

You can allot 1 GB database maximum to a single database in the reseller plan.

61) what is a maximum limit for a resale account to again reactivate?

We keep data as it is for 30 days after the resale account expires, after 30 days the account will get auto cleaned by the system. So, a resale account needs to be activated from the main reseller panel within 30 days after the account expires to prevent data loss.

62) May I know about the backup process of the windows hosting plans?

We secure daily backup files. you can restore the backup by purchasing recovery add on from account > add on

In order to get your database backup from your control panel, please follow the steps – Hosting control panel > Database Manager > MSSQL / MySQL > Actions > Backup Database, backup file (BAK) will be uploaded in your DB folder in few minutes

To get a daily database backup by a server automatically into your DB folder, which can be downloaded via FTP. You have to buy a Custom DB backup addon from your account > addon > CustomBackup–Custom DB Backup via FTP — price $35.4 for 1 year

For a database, we take alternate day backup on the server. In case of any database crash, the client can ask to restore from the available database backup sets after purchasing one-time recovery addon

63) What is the retention period of backups available on a server?

We officially keep last 7 sets of a backup

64) May I know which version and edition you offer in the VPS server?

We offer Express edition of SQL Server and Windows standard edition for Windows 2008/2012. if you want to install that kindly describe in order ticket from your account > helpdesk. If you want to install any other version then you have to manage a license from your end, our team will help you to install it.

65) Do you offer Linux plans?

Sorry, we have discontinued Linux plans in shared hosting plans. However, you can buy our VPS plan to use Linux. Please refer our VPS plans here,

66) Do you offer ElasticSearch?

Sorry, Elasticsearch is developed in Java, our shared plans do not offer this, you may consider our VPS plan and install/configure it as per your requirements, here are the plans.

67) Do you support Redis service?

Sorry, We do not support Redis service on the shared hosting plan, you need to go with a VPS plan and install this service on.

68) Which PHP version you are supporting?

We do support PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.2, 7.3 and latest version 7.4

69) Do you support ruby on rails?

Yes, we do support it on all our plans.

70) May I know, I can use my SSL in a 60 days free trial plan?

Kindly note, you can purchase a new SSL from us also you can import your SSL in a free trial plan

71) What are the file-count limits for reseller plans?

File limits, per resale account= 100,000 Files (same as .Net Premium plan)

72) Can i host restful web service?

Yes, you can host it here, please consider our VPS plan.

73) Does your plan support Flutter?

Yes, It is supported.

74) What edition of SQL server is placed in a shared/semi hosting plans?

We offer Standard Version of SQL server on our shared/semi-dedicated hosting plans.

75) Reasons for 503 error?

You can check the application pool log from your account > control panel > advance > application pool manager > action > view pool log. Solution for now, I have recycled your account’s application pool. You can do the same from your account > control panel > advance > application pool manager > action > stop pool and again click on “start pool” after 1-2 minutes.

76) Is Java supported on your server?

It is supported on our VPS plans. Please refer here,

77) What is the IPS tag?

Please refer,

78)How can I change the IPS tag of mine.UK domain?

Please refer,

Also, create a ticket for that from live chat.

79)How many additional database users can we create in all plans?

You can create upto 10 additional database users in premium or higher plans.

80)What is the difference between schedule task and dedicated task

To use a scheduled task you need a premium or higher plan. We offer 3 free schedule tasks in a premium or higher plan. The schedule task is used for setting up a URL to run at 15 minutes or higher in an interval.

To run a site more frequently than 15 minutes you need a Dedicated windows task. this task can be purchased from your account > addon section.

FOR STAFF: Please generate a ticket after the client purchases a Dedicated windows task to set it up from the server end.

81) What is the port for MsSQL and MySQL?

MsSQL port = 1433 and MySQL port = 3306

82) URL rewrite module

Yes, all our shared plans are available with URL rewrite module, you have to write web.config rule and it will work.

83) Do you provide Free SSL in reseller plans?

Sorry, we do not provide a free SSL in our reseller plans.

84) Can we read / receive email via website code?

Sorry, since it needs IMAP [port 143] or pop3 [port 110] to be connected via a shared server, we do not allow any other port communication except 80 / 443, managing Emails via the website is not allowed in shared hosting.

85) Do you allow upload .cmd files to the server?

Sorry, we do not allow to upload a .cmd file to the server, if you do so, you will get a permission error.

85) Does all domains support privacy?

All domain extensions do not support the WHOIS privacy service. Here are the only domain extensions that DO support Whois privacy: com, net, org, info, biz.

86) Do you support SignalR Library?

Yes, It is supported in all our hosting plans.

87)Do you provide SharePoint kind of application?

Yes, It is supported in all our VPS/Cloud hosting plans.

88) RAM allocation in Reseller plan

application pool will be allocated separately for each client hosted in reseller, like reseller 100 offers 128 Mb application pool to each their clients separately..

89) Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Please refer to this link ::

90) Do you offer HIPAA compliance?

For your concern, please refer to this link :: .

91) Do you provide PCI compliance?

For your concern, Please refer to this link ::

92) Do you offer GPDR compliance?

For your concern, Please refer to this link ::

93)SQL reporting service

We have SQL reporting service version 2016, 2012 supported,
For demo, please refer to this article::

94)Server down draft.

We are sorry to inform you, our servers are running under critical system updates, please wait next 15 to 20 minutes, it would start working fine. We heartily apologize for the inconvenience, please note, this would not happen again.

95)How to convert my current Hosting account into my reseller plan?

Please refer to this article in order to move current hosting account into reseller::

96)an issue on search box of webmail

Search box of smarterasp.mail is not working properly.

97)How to change date-time format of website?

Please refer this article to set website culture for date-time format,

98)Do you support crystal report??

For Crystal report, currently we support CR13 sp21 to CR13 sp25

99)Do you support SQL -CE ?

Yes, we support SQL compact edition in our hosting plans.

100)Do you support wildcard subdomain feature?

Yes, we support wildcard DNS for subdomains.
Steps to configure wild card DNS:: the client needs to purchase one static IP, and
map the static IP to your main website, and update the DNS to point to the static IP.

101)Do you have redaundant server?

Yes, we have raid 50 setup.

102)Do you provide SQL profiler?

Sorry, we do not provide SQL profiler on our shared hosting plans, you need to consider our VPS plans in order to use SQL profiler::

103)The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached.

We have set default 75 crystal report requests from the server end, please make some changes in your site code to close the crystal report connection after use.

staff only restart the IIS to fix this issue temporarily based.

104) Mcrypt.

This extension was depricated from PHP 7.1.0, and discontinued sincePHP 7.2.0 You can lower the php version via your hosting CP=>Websites=>Manage a Website=>PHP Version=>PHP 5.6